Welcome to the Driver Robot Exporter.

The Driver Robot Exporter lets you get drivers for offline computers by running Driver Robot and saving your hardware information to an external file. Plase follow the instructions below.

Driver Robot Exporter instructions

To use the Driver Robot Exporter and get drivers for your offline computer, take the following steps:

1. Install Driver Robot on the offline system.

To get drivers for your offline computer, you must first install Driver Robot on it. To download Driver Robot, please follow this link: Download Driver Robot. Then, transfer the installer to the offline computer using a burned CD or a USB key, and run it to install Driver Robot.

Driver Robot takes about 20 MB of space and requires Windows XP or Vista, so make sure your target computer can handle it!

2. Run the Driver Robot Exporter.

Run the Driver Robot software and press the "Exporter" button. From here, press "Export". You will be prompted to choose a location for the Exporter file. Remember where you save it!

Driver Robot will now run a scan and save the results to the file you specified.

3. Open the hardware scan results on a computer with an Internet connection.

To access your hardware scan results, you need to move the HTML file you saved in step 2 to an Internet-enabled computer. You can do so with a floppy disk, a USB key, a CD burner, or any other removable media.

Once you've succeeded in moving the export HTML file to an Internet-enabled computer, open it in your web browser. You should see a page that looks similar to the screenshot at the left. Press the "» Get Drivers" link in this page to proceed.

4. Access your hardware scan results.

Congratulations! You now have access to the hardware scan results and all available driver updates for the offline computer. Navigate the page shown in the screenshot at left to find the drivers you need. You can download them to your computer and put them on a USB key or burned CD to move them back to the offline system.